#WTBlitz on testing coverage and traceability

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 07, 2017
Next Wednesday, June 14th, from 4 till 5 PM EST we’re going to have a Twitter conference on testing coverage, traceability, and traceability matrices. Follow #WTBlitz hash tag and join the conversation. That’ll be next Wednesday. In the meantime, let me introduce a traceability document right on the cuff of the suite used on Apollo […] ...

On testing in production

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 25, 2017
Based on my Quora answer to “What is “Testing in production” as a concept?“ “What is testing in production?” – Follow along.. Product owners and project managers need to make decisions about software and software development process. Effective decision making is informed decision making. Effective testing provides information directly relevant to the risks and concerns […] ...

Fact checking: “Is testing certification worth ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 22, 2017
Preamble Let me begin with a scene from a book of my childhood..   Image text below. Banner reads: “Of the London and Continental Theatres, In their Thrilling Tragedy of “THE KING’S CAMELEOPARD, or THE ROYAL NONESUCH ! ! !” Admission 50 cents. “Then at the bottom was the biggest line of all, which said: […] ...

Agile testing is what you make it to be

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 28, 2017
This post is a collage from my answers on Quora. What is Agile Testing? James Bach about testing in Agile environments What is agile testing Some people refer to “agile testing” as a very different kind. But there are like hundreds of flavors of agile teams. Some differ so much that the whole label of […] ...

“Is manual testing dying?”

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 06, 2016
“Is manual testing dying?”, “Is manual testing dead?”, “When manual testing will be completely replaced by automation?”,.. These questions come up very frequently. I see them on LinkedIn. I see them on Quora. I see them on Twitter. I’d categorize responses I’ve seen loosely in 3 types. Samples below. “NO! It’s not manual!!! It’s all […] ...

The One Page Test Plan?

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 02, 2016
Earlier this month, Ministry of Testing released an article named “The One Page Test Plan“. Presented, was rather a one page template for a test plan yet the article is good and thought provoking. Coincidentally, a similar question came up on Quora: “How would you define a test plan for this app?“. So I went […] ...

“What is performance testing?”

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 29, 2016
Another day, another good question on Quora. For years, I’ve been answering “what is performance testing?” in a variety of ways. In a technical way, I tell about process, tools, scripts, measurements, and analysis. More often though, I need to convey the concept to a non-technical or at least not very technical person. Finding a […] ...

“What is domain testing?”

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 07, 2016
Another good question on Quora. Answering: What is domain testing? ***** All terms originate somewhere else, by analogy. Here’s the origin for “domain”. Image source: Domain of a function Domain is all possible inputs to the function Range is all possible outputs of the function ***** At the fundamental level, everything is data in computers. […] ...

“What is a good way to estimate the number of ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 31, 2016
First things first. I’m not a big fan of test case based approach, neither I’ve seen testing estimates that weren’t at best guesstimates. But people ask questions, and this is their starting point. Enough been said about smart-ass approach. Instead of critiquing those willing to learn let’s help them understand and let’s help them to […] ...

“How do you choose which test cases to ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 10, 2016
Despite of all critique and challenges, automation is a valuable aspect of testing strategy. Every new automator needs to answer questions like that: “How do you choose which test cases to automate?” While everything regarding testing is very specific, we may try to give an answer through general idea supplemented with concrete examples. Cross-posting my […] ...

On “White Box” and “Black Box” ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 30, 2016
Quora is a remarkable resource. To me, it’s like a Wikipedia of personal experiences. People also come there for learning. Of course, software development and testing topics are among popular. So the questions were asked: What is white box testing? What is black box testing? While some answers strive to give formal definitions, I decided […] ...

To Keith Klain: Sir, you’re an aspiration

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 14, 2016
A few days ago, Keith Klain, Executive Director, CEO, and a highly recognized leader in testing industry made a comment on Twitter. I couldn’t agree more!!! It was disheartening for me to witness over the years that one of the most passionate context-driven leaders, the one who taught empathy and humility, degraded his expressions to […] ...

Roundtable on Behavior Driven Development

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 10, 2016
Re: Toronto Testing Meetup, May Workshop: Roundtable on Behavior Driven Development Planning And so it is claimed: When launching a new digital project, there can be a disconnect between: • the business being truly able to define the desired outcomes • the developer’s understanding of what needs to be built, and • the business’ understanding of the technical […] ...

MGCS Accessibility Expo

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 01, 2016
Last Monday I attended a public Accessibility Expo. It wasn’t a large, crowded event. But maybe it should have been. Whether you buy / sell a house in Ontario, get / renew Health Card or Driver’s License, fill customer complaints, search for locations of government services – it all involves software products now. That is, […] ...

On Bullying and Language Lessons

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 26, 2016
Learning lessons from bullying and trolling Blogs, community sites, and Twitter opened wonderful opportunities to connect with people, to learn, to collaborate, and to express yourself. That last part may go wild though. For whatever the reason, bullies of all ages thrive online. Some are typical trolls, some behave like self-appointed judges. Some even have […] ...

Keith Klain criticizing context-driven bullies

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 24, 2016
The Interview Earlier this year, StickyMinds published an interview with Keith Klain – “The Viability of Context-Driven Testing”. The interview is 15 minutes long, both audio and transcript are available. In a way, it was a “sneak peek” for Keith’s keynote at then upcoming StarEast 2016 conference. Note the title. In my impression, Keith Klain […] ...

Context-Driven Resume: Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 27, 2016
Foreword Have you ever been wondering why your job application got no response? Among dozens of possible reasons did you guess that your resume was the cause of the rejection? Maybe, you didn’t. Maybe, you believed you did everything right, and your resume was a good match for the job description. And you were completely […] ...

Are You A Member?

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 08, 2016
Some people say it’s okay to have “just a job” and no passion. Some have their jobs paying for their passions. And some.. well.. Let me be direct. What I greatly admire about Rosie Sherry is her passion to ignite passion in others. Rosie founded Software Testing Club – and it is growing successfully year […] ...

Re: Toronto Testing Meetup, November Workshop

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 30, 2015
One of the exciting things about testing meetup is the mix of roles and experiences people bring in. This time we had a research workshop with a rare opportunity of getting feedback from Senior Program / Product Manager participating in our event. My online readers probably have a clue about the theme. Extreme Testing Introduction […] ...

Meet The Testing P.E.R.S.O.N.A.

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 27, 2015
Didn’t I say I’m going to take it seriously? Stay tuned for examples in the experience report! Tactical Tips for Business Strategic Testing Most of the testing is done by following functions and features.. But Business wants to know whether the product helps the users to achieve their goals. Business DOES NOT want to know […] ...

It’s Getting Personal

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 23, 2015
Leaders in testing practice are constantly and actively looking for ways to test faster, more efficiently, and more creatively. They also look for ways to find the most relevant bugs, and to tell the relevant story. Personas seemed to be very promising idea, and in the past few years I saw it mentioned here and […] ...

Lost In San-Francisco Depot

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 17, 2015
We held a joint Weekend Testing Americas / Weekend Testing Toronto event last Saturday. Great session, high attendance, intense engagement! Our theme was guided structured product exploration. We used SFDIPOT set of heuristics in the context of a free web based game. What is “SFDIPOT” or “San-Francisco Depot”? It’s a mnemonic standing for Structure-Functions-Data-Interfaces-Platform-Operations-Time; developed ...

Re: Toronto Testing Meetup, October Workshops

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 30, 2015
It’s past 4th Wednesday in October – time for the report on monthly workshop of our testing meetup! In fact, there was another one on 2nd Wednesday – and you’ll see why. Job Finding Club Our leadership group dedicated this month almost solely for this strategic direction. One of the ideas we’ve been pondering about […] ...

PACE COLT: KWSQA 2015 “Targeting Quality”

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 15, 2015
Last week I attended and presented at the conference organized by Kitchener Waterloo Software Quality Association. I took notes and organized my review in a structured form: Purpose – Attendance – Content – Experience – Cost – Organization – Location – Time. Or PACE COLT, if you like mnemonics (as I do). Purpose The conference theme […] ...

Had a blast at CAST, Yay for KWSQA!

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 09, 2015
Today I’m going to present a talk on Web Accessibility and Accessibility Testing Heuristics at the conference of Kitchener Waterloo Software Quality Association. Maybe I’m driving at this moment while you’re reading this.. While my talk is less than 2 hours long I foresee some great challenges as a trainer. You see, I want to […] ...

Had a blast at CAST, from keynotes to talks

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 08, 2015
Running Context Driven Testing Meetup In Your City Lightning Talks is a very fast paced method of conferring. To make sure I get the most of 5 minutes time frame I put together main points in my tester’s notebook. By the way, it turned out a very handy way to publish the contents into the […] ...

Had a blast at CAST, played testing games

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 07, 2015
This time I’m telling about my workshop experiences, including a session of Avalon gameplay with testers at CAST. TDD Workshop by Robert Sabourin I really enjoyed the workshop. Though the most interesting part for me was not about TDD. Self-organizing team. Maybe not by intent the workshop has perfectly demonstrated this challenge of Agile. The […] ...

Had a blast at CAST!

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 06, 2015
Achievements unlocked! :) 1st time at the conference in North America 1st time at software testing conference 1st time at CAST 1st time a speaker in English 1st time conducted Workshop 1st time gave Lightning Talk 1st time was captured for (multiple) Youtube videos 1st time met in person work partner with 5 years of […] ...

Interviewed by Srinivas Kadiyala

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 02, 2015
In September Srinivas Kadiyala interviewed me for Testing Circus – a professional software testing magazine with a breezy name :) I’m thankful for this opportunity and humbled to get in the same line with testing leaders around the world. Access online: Volume 6 – Edition 9 – September 2015. Download here. The interview is pretty […] ...

Re: Toronto Testing Meetup, September Workshop

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 25, 2015
After a short vacation we’ve resumed workshops in our testing meetup! Quick notes below. Job Finding Club Albert Gareev gave a quick intro on our community services to the newly joined members Kraig Lenehan reviewed resumes and advised members in private Coming up – practice interviews! This is a rare opportunity, and places will be very limited. […] ...
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