Context-Driven Resume: Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 27, 2016
Foreword Have you ever been wondering why your job application got no response? Among dozens of possible reasons did you guess that your resume was the cause of the rejection? Maybe, you didn’t. Maybe, you believed you did everything right, and your resume was a good match for the job description. And you were completely […] ...

Context-Driven Resume: Product and Users

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 16, 2016
Resume Is A Product You design it. You build it. You test it. You debug it. More importantly, you intend it to be used by others. Let’s think of a resume as a product. And let’s ask ourselves a few questions to learn further about the context. Who are my clients? Who are my users? […] ...

Context-Driven Resume: Heuristics

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 16, 2016
Preface Since the beginning of Toronto Testing Meetup, I’ve often been asked for help in job search. I organized and streamlined it into a re-occurring project: Job Finding Club. I’ve done it both as a brief advisory and as dedicated events. Per my observations, the most common, as well as the most misunderstood and the […] ...
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