Review: CAST 2011 Promo #2

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 19, 2015
Video Mindmap Review Points – Value – Problems It’s philosophy that makes time worth living Efficiency means different things in different contexts The challenge of the hidden picture puzzle Each click is a test How much testing do I do before I decide I know what the picture is Explicit Parameters in Testing Coverage Time […] ...

WTT-02 – Mind Maps in Testing

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 17, 2015
(Picture credit: “Mind Map Laws” – 7 Steps to Making a Mind Map by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping) There is a strange confusion about electronic artifacts: they’re seen as a deliverable on and by itself. Process model document is confused with the working process. Intention documents (especially test plans) are given much more […] ...

Review: Meetup by Girl Geeks Toronto

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 11, 2015
On Monday I attended  a meetup provided by Girl Geeks TO. While commuting home I organized my review notes that I present now in a structured form: Purpose – Attendance – Content – Experience – Cost – Organization – Location – Time. Or PACE COLT, if you like mnemonics (as I do). Purpose The theme of […] ...

SFDIPOT – Mindmap

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 04, 2015
It’s been a while since I took Rapid Software Testing course. Since then, applying Structure-Functions-Data-Platform-Operations-Time heuristics is my favorite way of systematically learning about the product. And mind map is my favorite medium to capture and represent that information. References Heuristic Test Strategy Model – Satisfice, Inc. – Designed by James Bach Michael Bolton, DevelopSense: Testers […] ...

WTT-01 – Trello-boration

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 02, 2015
And so we did. In January we held live networking event followed by the first Weekend Testing Toronto session online. Continuing ideas from my previous posts, I set up Trello board and created mission statement. Purpose The purpose of the session is practical assessment of Trello tool as a long-term medium (whereas Skype is short-term medium) […] ...
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