Automation Projects

A necessary explanation

Do not expect to find any commercial solutions here.
All the business logic, data, security features, and any source code associated with them remain Client’s private property.

Automation projects published under this chapter represent my research, investigation, learning and practicing, or universal ideas and concepts generally used in testing and test automation and therefore applicable to any project.
However, I think sharing and giving of ideas is benefitial for automation community growth (as well as for my professional growth), that is why I spend my personal time and effort on that.


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Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

What’s so special about Great Plains’ GUI? Why automation tools don’t work? What are the issues?

What are possible workarounds? What is Dynamics Continuum? What is Dynamics Dexterity?

What is sanScript? What is Dynamics built-in macro system? How to capture and map custom Dexterity GUI?

How to build custom interface clasess and functions handling Dexterity GUI?

How to create and use Dexterity Macros through XML?

Last but not least: providing sample code and answering submitted questions.

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