Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 29, 2014
Scalability is an integral characteristic comprising the following: How well volume of test cases can be extended without linear (or even geometric) growth of efforts for creation and maintenance. How well the same testing coverage can be applied to different environments. How well framework of the solution supports creation of integration of tests, by reusing […] ...


Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 22, 2014
Maintainability is an integral characteristic comprising the following: Updates in test logic and/or GUI mapping caused by the changes in the application under test. Design or refactoring of automation for the purpose of expansion of coverage. Expansion or update of data set. Execution, testing, and debugging of testing scripts.   New environment setup Data changes […] ...

Reliability – Performance

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 15, 2014
Performance of automated tests must be optimized by design and implementation, to achieve best coverage in shortest time possible within the constraints of the context. This should be achieved by use of configurable synchronization parameters, proper design of automated test cases and test scenarios. Failure criteria: Execution of knowingly failed test cases, i.e. execution of […] ...

Reliability – Attendance and Robustness

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 08, 2014
Attendance Automated tests must be designed for unattended execution. Failure criteria: Test script may stop or break execution at any moment. Manual action required to continue the execution. Full restart is required if execution was stopped. Upon error or failure execution is skipped to the next script, leaving gaps in coverage. Scripts don’t log errors […] ...

Reliability – Operation

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 01, 2014
Automated tests must be delivered as a software product which can be used (operated) by testers and other team members without special technical skills in programming or automation tools. Operation requirements for all setup and preparation procedures: Must require only general computer skills; Must follow a single standard; Must use centralized and unified configuration file(s). […] ...
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