Bugs In Your Pocket

The Mission

In today’s session we will observe behavior of the product, and review problem reports.
Our mission is to explore the context, share and discuss the findings, build and report the models. Each participant needs to provide report in a text file. We do not provide a template.. but we provide sample context-revealing questions.


What is the product?
Who is the customer?
How the product is used?
What product’s features in use we observed?
What problems were reported?
How did you recognize a problem?
How you can classify the each problem (threat, risk)?
Can you identify what was a root cause of a problem?
Can you guess what was a root cause of a problem?
Do you suspect there might be more problems, and what problems?
What kinds of tests you would perform to explore the product further?

Please watch the video:


Experience Report on Weekend Testing web-site

Experience Report by WTA facilitator Michael Larsen

WTA09: What Is Testing?

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