Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

This is a light-weight project demonstrating research-and-engineering approach to test automation that I teach and practice.
MS Dynamics Great Plains is a unique and extremely complex accounting platform with its own GUI rendering engine making “traditional” tool-based automation not possible.
The engineering solution included the following phases: learning about the product (skilled exploratory testing), value/risk/coverage assessment (heuristic approach), identifying and resolving technical challenges (apply problem-solving and programming skills), implementing reliable/robust/maintainable/scalable solution.


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MS Dynamics Great Plains: availability for Test Automation

MS Dynamics Great Plains: GUI Platform (automation perspective)

GP/QTP Automation: Addressing GUI names issue

GP/QTP Automation: cross-dictionary issue with sanScript


GP/QTP Automation: Dynamics Continuum Integration Library

MS Dynamics Great Plains: Built-in Macro System

Approach and Implementation

GP/QTP Automation: Utilizing COM

GP/QTP Automation: Conclusion but not closure

Sample Code

GP/QTP Automation: GUI Mapping script

GP/QTP Automation: Executing sanScript

GP/QTP Automation: Overcoming VBScript limitation with Excel macros

GP/QTP Automation: interface class for Excel.VBA macro

GP/QTP Automation: GUI Capture script for Dexterity Window

GP/QTP Automation: Highlight controls in Dexterity Window

GP/QTP Automation: Creating Dexterity Macro XML template

GP/QTP Automation: Execute Dexterity Macro

Questions / Answers

How to use loops in Dexterity Macro

How to manually get Dexterity GUI field names

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