Albert Gareev

My name is Albert Gareev.

Hello and welcome to the web site, which is primarily my professional blog (i.e. a blog about my profession). To read more about blog structure, contents, and policies please refer to this page.

I am a software engineer by passion and by education. Although I achieved my Master’s quite a long time ago, I’m still very proud of it – as my student years were the ground of forming researcher’s mentality and engineering attitude I carry through my life.

I started my career as a programmer in a research and development lab, where I was introduced to complex software/hardware solutions successfully involving high degree of automation. Since then I worked as a programmer and/or tester in many projects and different industries. With regards to my management experience, my style is leading by example. For more details on my professional experience please refer to this page.

I am a dedicated testing and test automation professional. Testing is a process of investigation for me. Automation is a tool to reach observation levels beyond “naked eye and hand”, or a tool to simulate circumstances that are unlikely to happen in a refined test environment. I call my approach to software testing as “engineering approach” because I perform it from the practical ground, but with a scientific mindset. That is, striving to get done at best degree considering the limitations of environment, and time and cost constraints; using available tools and technologies, and developing new ones as needed; applying scientific knowledge and learning from all I do.

I consider myself a part of Context-Driven Testing Approach Community. You can find many of its members online in Software Testing Club.
To connect with me on LinkedIn, please proceed to my profile page, and you can email me at You can also follow me on twitter via @AGareev, though I have to warn that I spend little time being online there.

Apart from my job and passion in IT, my hobbies are fishing and reading. But, first of all, I’m a loving husband and a proud father.

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