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Some pages under this chapter bring together step-by-step practical examples.
Some other are about automation approach in general, without dependency of particular tool.

Active Directory – Sample Scripts

Microsoft Active Directory. User Accounts. Organizational Units. Security Groups.
Finding, accessing, updating and removing.

FileSystemObject – Working with Files and Folders

Using FileSystemObject’s methods and child objects (File, Folder) – practical examples and answers to the questions.
Reading, transforming, comparing and generating text files.
Working with folders and folder objects.

GUI Recognition with TestComplete

Overview of object recognition properties. Run-time GUI recognition methods. Routine operations with Web Browser window. Code examples and detailed explanations.

Generating Test Reports

So, Test Reports…
They are used by fellow team members and management. They help communicating results of the work done (immediate value), but they might also be used as a source for statistics (prolonged value). What does it mean in terms of expectations and requirements?
And how can we employ automation here?
– Ideas and practical examples in this tutorial project.

Using GUI Forms in TestComplete

Even though automation scripts are intended to drive the application under test there are cases when communication with tester is required. With TestComplete, we have a vast arsenal of predefined GUI controls for that.
– Sample solutions in this tutorial project.

Load/Performance Testing with NeoLoad

A practical review of load/performance testing tool NeoLoad demonstrating use of some of its features, as well as sample scripts, and test results.

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