Notes on Testing Challenge debrief

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 15, 2010
I’m very glad that the testing challenge I set went to a second round. I prompt my readers now to read through the post in Darren McMillan’s blog. Please pay special attention to Results and Debriefing sections. I think those are great examples of facilitation to learn from. I also would like to share what I […] ...

Blink testing exercises

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 17, 2010
Blink testing, as described by James Bach and explained by Michael Bolton, is an oracle heuristic based on “snap judgment” effect. Try catching “bug” (an odd character) in patterns below. I arranged them by difficulty I had. Feel free to put your experience in comments. In full-screen view all characters are 10pt capitals, as in standard […] ...

Testing Challenge: Results

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 03, 2010
Participation Based on stats I have, over 70 people navigated to Escapa game page directly from my blog. I hope everyone is enjoyed, and I thank those who took a challenge of testing, found stuff, and posted their findings. I tracked on Software Testing Club and Twitter, in addition to my blog. If I missed […] ...

Testing Challenge: real-time input game

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 01, 2010
Now Closed – Proceed to Results A short intro I wholeheartedly support Matthew Heusser‘s (update: this blog is now only available under paid STP membership but you can access another Matthew’s blog) call to practice craft of testing, anywhere and anytime, above and beyond work responsibilities. Exploring, experimenting, and learning is always fun. To make […] ...
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