An Observation On Coding Kata

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 04, 2017
It certainly does help testers to understand code and be able to code on their own. So I welcome “coding kata” movement. In fact, I can recommend some good ones, like Coding Games. Not only to testers and wanna be programmers, also to teenagers and their parents. Exercises in a context, presented in a spectacular […] ...

Alternative Facts. “Happy path” and ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 02, 2017
Continuing my thoughts on alternative facts in testing and quality assurance. Happy Path? Guilty as charged. I, too, used to say “happy path testing” and “happy path coverage”. What I meant was something like.. eh.. “a typical user entering typical data in a typical way”. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how to look at it) […] ...
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