Fun Fact

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 13, 2015
Well, it’s November 2015 and I learned that my site made to Top 5 “Test Automation” blogs in 2014 as per TEST BUFFET. What I find funny is that my site isn’t included in Software Testing at all. We certainly need to do a better job educating that Automation is a sub-service within Testing. ...

Interviewed by Srinivas Kadiyala

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 02, 2015
In September Srinivas Kadiyala interviewed me for Testing Circus – a professional software testing magazine with a breezy name :) I’m thankful for this opportunity and humbled to get in the same line with testing leaders around the world. Access online: Volume 6 – Edition 9 – September 2015. Download here. The interview is pretty […] ...

Exploratory Questions to Michael Bolton

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 15, 2011
I interviewed Michael Bolton while taking Rapid Software Testing course, “- a course that presents a methodology and mindset for testing software expertly in uncertain conditions and under extreme time pressure”. The articles were published at Community Blog of Software Testing Club. Interview with Michael Bolton (Part 1) Interview with Michael Bolton (Part 2) Interview with Michael […] ...

Testing and Hiring

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 25, 2011
A few more of my posts came out in “Hiring Testers” series in the Community Blog at Software Testing Club. In “How Come You Are Not Certified?” (the title was a joke, by the way, I do not agree that memorizing definitions out of context can make anybody a better professional – only hands-on experience matters!) […] ...

If you are hiring testers..

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 07, 2011
..Or if you are thinking of that, and especially if you are wondering why it’s so hard to find good ones – you definitely need to become a reader of “Hiring Testers” series in the Community Blog at Software Testing Club. People are always looking for a job. Each job advertisement receives dozens, maybe hundreds of […] ...

2011/02 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 04, 2011
Reference Page: Mnemonics in Testing Defaulting Dependencies No Time for Ping Pong Sketching with a Pencil Review: VBScript vs. JScript ...

2011/01 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 30, 2011
Join To Earn 10x Bonus Attacking Passwords Good to Check, Worth to Explore Documented == Unambiguous? ...

Generating Test Reports (the approach)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 01, 2011
Parent page: Generating Test Reports The Approach The previous post sets a lot of requirements altogether. Let’s try now to put some answers. How we can have a free, portable, yet powerful viewer? If we go with a web-page format, we can use a web browser for that purpose. If we go with XML format […] ...

Interviewed by Shilpa Venkateshwaran

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 15, 2011
Last week Shilpa Venkateshwaran published on IT Knowledge Exchange my replies to the offline interview questions. Access online: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 Access offline: Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 ...

2010/12 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 28, 2010
Data Generation On-the-Fly A Fly in the Ointment Keyboard Shortcuts   Area Highlighter Trick ...

2010/11 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 21, 2010
Test Design with Mind Maps Usability Study: Beliefs Are More Important Than Requirements Automation Puzzles   Folder Structure Template Document (XMind Mindmap)   Rapid Reporter, exploratory notetaking tool ...

2010/10 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 08, 2010
Excel-based test-reports-2 Don’t blame VBScript Total Validator Be aware of Bounded Awareness ...

WTA01: Testing is Learning

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 16, 2010
“Testing is a process of exploration, discovery, investigation, learning, and analysis with the goal of gathering information about risks, vulnerabilities, and threats to the value of the product.”  Michael Bolton, DevelopSense What this is about? Read about Weekend Testing November, 2010: Weekend Testing is coming to the Western Hemisphere November, 13, 2010: Let’s Dance!   […] ...

Change Blindness

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 04, 2010
With this post I continue my examples on Bounded Awareness in software testing. But, again, first I ask you to read the following article: “Multi-tasking makes you stupid”. If you didn’t, here’s the summary. A growing body of scientific research shows one of the jugglers’ favorite time-saving techniques, multitasking, can actually make you less efficient […] ...

Inattentional Blindness

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 02, 2010
Last week I asked QuickTestingTips readers to share examples of Bounded Awareness they observed in their work, and here I’m with my stories. Let’s start with this video. You see two teams of people playing basketball. While you watch the video, count number of passes made by the each team. ..Now, after you’re done, list what […] ...

2010/09 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 06, 2010
Spoon Browser Sandbox 18 automation refactoring heuristics with code examples Surplus is an asset Keep Moving Excel-based test-reports-1 ...

2010/08 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 05, 2010
Time Management – Mind Map Printer-friendly XML and XSL reference cards IP Address Tools   Are you still using screenshots? ...

“How do you write your QTP Tests?” ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 20, 2010
If I would have to choose to keep only one of my answers on StackOverflow, I’d choose this one.  Probably, not necessary explanation On a technical side, what is the greatest test automation challenge? It’s not programming, and not even learning about tool’s object model or application’s API. But it’s two-fold. 1. Automated test design […] ...

2010/07 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 26, 2010
Get yourself out of Inbox Crash test your application   Unlearning for testers   SQL Injection cartoon and walkthrough ...

2010/06 Quick Testing Tips posts archive

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 25, 2010
Bring up your Desktop in double-click! Test your wetware GUI Step Automation Heuristic (Mindmapped)   Ten 20 Years Old Usability Heuristics   Visualize XML then blink test   Close process in a second ...

Google Code Search

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 18, 2010
Some time ago I blogged about non-GUI testing approach in automation. I also provided examples of how COM/OLE Viewer may help in exploring methods and properties of undocumented objects. But there are other cases when an application is poorly documented, and you know little about its internal methods and objects. Google Code Search may help you […] ...

They want to hire good testers

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 12, 2010
Developers want to hire testers. Testers want to hire testers.  What common and what opposite would we find comparing their requirements?   Tester Side Requirements  Represented by Eric Jacobson’s blog  post “Who Is A Good Tester?”  (original grammar and syntax retained)     Developer Side Requirements  Represented by StackOverflow  discussion “Tips for hiring good testers?” (original grammar […] ...

Crowd sketching tool

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 10, 2010
e-Pen and e-Paper – that’s what you need for e-Collaboration. And here’s the tool.     (It took just a couple of minutes for me to create a sample picture above) Don’t forget to try Replay button! ...

What about automated driving?

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 22, 2010
Imagine an intelligent and emotional robot sitting next to you, helping you to drive through a city traffic, and even remembering your driving habits. Does it sound like a sci-fi to you?  Well, not anymore. Meet AIDA – Affective Intelligent Driving Agent AIDA communicates with the driver through a small robot embedded in the dashboard. “AIDA builds […] ...

Security Administration Tool – (Open Source) ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 20, 2010
If on your project you are not restricted to using Microsoft only toolkit in your system administration, testing, or automation work, you may want to try SetACL as an alternative to CACLS. It has some more advanced features, especially when it comes to setting allowance of inheritable permissions. Area of use Security Configuration Assessment and Management, […] ...

Security Administration Tool – Microsoft CACLS

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 25, 2010
Sure, computer programs are now very complex systems – but they are always a part of even more complex system – Infrastructure. Therefore, testing is not limited to a program testing. Microsoft *ACLS.EXE family of tools is a handy set for investigation and testing of implemented security permissions. Don’t be afraid of command line! CACLS.EXE […] ...

Ping your blog and see the stats

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 28, 2009
At Pingdom Tools you can submit your web-page address and almost instantly get stats reported. What it does? The Full Page Test loads a complete HTML page including all objects (images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes). It mimics the way a page is loaded in a web browser. The load time of all objects is […] ...

Open Source Warfare, Shamozzle, and Wiki Spam on ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 18, 2009
0 – jargon terms and abbreviations. As for the terms mentioned in the title of the post, here are the links. Open Source Warfare Shamozzle Wiki Spam   ...

GP/QTP Automation: Dynamics Continuum Integration ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 10, 2009
All related posts: Reference Page – GP/QTP Automation   Documentation  Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Continuum API Guide ( is the only main published document, which is pretty short though. Many of available functionalities are just mentioned or briefly referenced but not documented in details. Exploring DLL library directly I was able to retrieve more details on ...

Microsoft COM/OLE Viewer

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 03, 2009
Is looking at the back-end useful for black-box functional testing? Do you want to explore all properties and methods of COM object you use in your Automation? Do you want to know (and, also, be able to modify) all COM libraries installed on your system? – If yes, you will probably want to use (or […] ...
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