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Maintainability is an integral characteristic comprising the following:

  • Updates in test logic and/or GUI mapping caused by the changes in the application under test.
  • Design or refactoring of automation for the purpose of expansion of coverage.
  • Expansion or update of data set.
  • Execution, testing, and debugging of testing scripts.


New environment setup

  • Data changes only required in case of database changes.
  • No code changes required.
  • No changes in GUI mapping required.
  • Configuration file – single point of changes.


Application change – GUI

  • Only changes in GUI mapping required for the affected GUI objects.
  • No code changes required.


Application change – business logic

  • No changes in GUI mapping required except for new GUI objects.
  • Only changes in affected test logic modules required, without duplication of work.

Failure criteria:

  • Hard-coded data.
  • Duplication of functionalities.
  • Code maintenance effort depends on the number of test cases for the same functionality.


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