Business Value – Usability

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jul 25, 2014 | Categories: DocumentsRequirements

Automated tests, as a product, should be available for use by any tester (and other team members) with minimal technical skills required.


This requirement heavily applies to the following procedures:

  • Automation setup before execution.
  • Launching execution of scripts.
  • Reviewing test execution reports.


This requirement somewhat applies to the following procedures:

  • Performing project-specific environment setup for test execution.
  • Using common artefacts (code modules, data modules, etc.) for test creation.

Failure criteria

  • Only developer, who created the scripts, knows their coverage, how to execute, and how to investigate results.
  • Dedicated training is required for other team members in order to get this knowledge.
  • It takes significant time to review execution results.
  • It’s quite inconvenient to operate or maintain automation.

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