Business Value – Creation Effort

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jul 11, 2014 | Categories: DocumentsRequirements

Creation effort maps directly to costs – one can compare creation expenses with potential savings.

Creation effort is an integral characteristic comprising the following:

  • Test design or re-design of manual test cases to convert from human judgment to mechanistic verification.
  • Automation design and development, including creation of scripts and any reusable components.
  • Swiftness and efficiency of automation development.
  • Test data preparation.
  • Execution, testing, and debugging of testing scripts.

Creation effort for 100 of test cases and 1,000 of test cases for the same functionality must be at the same level.

Failure criteria

  • Each manual Test Case requires development (or recording) of linear test script, without reusable components for common pieces of functionality.
  • Development effort for addition of new test cases depends on the number of test cases for the same functionality.


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