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Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 07, 2011 | Categories: Hiring ProcessLinksMy Articles

..Or if you are thinking of that, and especially if you are wondering why it’s so hard to find good ones – you definitely need to become a reader of “Hiring Testers” series in the Community Blog at Software Testing Club.

People are always looking for a job. Each job advertisement receives dozens, maybe hundreds of applications. Yet it doesn’t make work of finding good testers any easier. Want to know why? – Read about An Illusion Of Choice.

Actually, you may not get right people applying at all. That’s likely because Your Job Ads Are Not Tasty. – This article may give you some ideas how to make it better. And, hey, know that hiring managers are always ready to give Feedback For Recruiters.

Although testers must demonstrate their skills, too. They need to make sure that the resume is telling. Basically, every job applicant has to realize – Somebody Is Going To Test Your Resume.

With all that said, why don’t you put together your job requirements or trim your resume? Done? – Now welcome to the Jobs at Software Testing Club.

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