Generating Test Reports (the approach)

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The Approach

The previous post sets a lot of requirements altogether. Let’s try now to put some answers.

How we can have a free, portable, yet powerful viewer?

If we go with a web-page format, we can use a web browser for that purpose.

If we go with XML format for log files, we can present reports as HTML (web-page) through XSL scripts, while retaining organized data structures that can be processed quite easily.

Within a web page, we can post hyperlinks to any supplemental items (rich text notes, captured data, etc.) and embed screenshots.

XSL is easy to learn. Open-source XSL parser scripts can be easily customized and expanded as needed. And we can use JavaScript on static pages to make them even more convenient.


XPath introduction and references

XSL introduction and references

XSLT Tutorial and Online XSLT Editor on W3Schools web-site

XSL Transformation Basics and code examples on WebEducator web-site

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