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Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 25, 2010 | Categories: LinksTools

Sure, computer programs are now very complex systems – but they are always a part of even more complex system – Infrastructure. Therefore, testing is not limited to a program testing.

Microsoft *ACLS.EXE family of tools is a handy set for investigation and testing of implemented security permissions. Don’t be afraid of command line!




Area of use Security Configuration Assessment and Management, from command line and batch files
Platform (OS) Windows
Vendor Microsoft
Price Free
Usability (1-5, 5 – Best) 4 (does not allow configuring of Permission Inheritance flags)
Link CALCS – comes with Windows Server 2003ICALCS – comes with Windows Server 2008XCALCS – downloadable


1. How Permissions Work

2. Access Control Lists

3. Mandatory access control

4. Discretionary access control

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