PRE-Work Checklist

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 14, 2015 | Categories: Heuristics


As I blogged in the past, a bug is an issue, but an issue is not necessarily a bug.. Customer support needs to respond to all incidents, but not all of them will be software defects. So what testers find reasonable to expect from Support when opening an issue?

I suggest using a derivative from #RIMGEA and #PEOPLE-Work heuristics – a checklist of items appropriate for the context.

PRE-Work Checklist


  • Clearly state a problem reported by user
    • Something’s not available or not working?
    • What they were trying to achieve?
    • Something’s different from the customer’s expectations?
  • Describe impact and urgency
    • Organization or process is impacted or blocked?
    • Single user impacted or blocked?
    • SLA violated?


  • Were you able to replicate the problem?
  • Provide step-by-step actions required to reproduce
  • Provide screenshots where applicable


  • Provide environment information
  • Provide relevant settings and conditions
  • Provide relevant data
  • DO NOT provide any sensitive or personal information unless requested through secure channel


  • While the problem being resolved, do you need a workaround or data fix for the customer?

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