Test Log – Requirements

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 27, 2007 | Categories: Requirements

Automated Test Report Requirements

  • Every executed Test Scenario must be reported
  • Report must include for each Test Case: description both in brief and detailed views
  • Report format must be user-friendly and easily transferable to formats like MS Word, Excel

Test Case Report Requirements

  • Enlist order of the all Test Steps executed
  • Define Test Data source
  • Enlist checkpoints used
  • Describe PASS condition / FAIL reason


Test Step Report Requirements

  • Provide clear description
  • Identify/Report GUI object
  • Describe GUI action
  • Report data used in input or verification
  • Describe PASS condition / FAIL reason


Test Flow Execution Requirements

  • Execution flow must be logged at the Test Step level
  • All failed conditions must be reported
  • Resulting state of the Application-Under-Test must be reported
  • Overall PASS condition must be reported

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