Testing terminology: Incident

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 24, 2008 | Categories: Notes

Reference page: Error, Bug, Issue, Incident 

More often than other developers, about incidents hear product managers, customer support techs, and product support programmers – whenever an end-user experienced and reported a problem with the software product.

However, incident is not necessary a bug. It might be caused by a variety of reasons, like following:

  • Configuration problem in software
  • Operating System, network, or hardware problem
  • Lack of user experience with the application
  • User mistake(s)
  • Finally, a real bug

Should an end-user care much what is it? In my opinion, not really. Better to ask for support (if it’s available) earlier, than create a trail of errors.

While customer support team resolves the incident reported by user, development team should reproduce and investigate the problem, in order to implement code fix.

Who is best at investigation? Testers!

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