Business Value – Transparency

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jul 18, 2014 | Categories: DocumentsRequirements

Transparency of coverage should include written information about the following:

  • Implemented Test Coverage – coverage of each and every automated test case, including test purpose and main execution steps.
  • Executed Test Coverage – automatically generated test execution report, with each and every automated test case that was executed, including test purpose, all execution steps, and pass/fail status.

Failure criteria

  • Absence of accurate (enough detailed and up to date) information of test coverage of automated test cases.
  • Execution report is not scalable.
  • Execution report does not provide complete test reproduction steps helping to investigate found problems.
  • Absence of test execution report, or the report fails to satisfy the following requirements:
    • Each Test Case executed has individual report, which can be stored, emailed, embedded to a document.
    • All parameters and environment settings passed on for the execution.
    • All execution steps, as operations performed with GUI controls or test data.
    • Pass/Fail conclusions.

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