Service Functions – System (QTP, VBScript)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 05, 2009 | Categories: Function library

In the code examples I present I often refer to routine functions.

In my framework I have specialized libraries to call from.  In my blog I maintain the similar structure.

FileSystemObject (FSO)

FileSystemObject is a primary “interface object” for the all standard  Drive/File/Folder operations: retrieving information (Drive), creating/renaming/deleting and getting/setting properties/attributes (Folders and Files), reading/writing text files.


How to generate a unique file name if the file name already exists in the given folder

How to duplicate an existing file
Generating text file from XML template (QTP, VBScript)

How To (answers)

How to check if file exists

How to check if folder exists

How to separate file name and path

How to create a unique subfolder

Processing files contained in a folder

Taking snapshot of a folder structure

How to “Save As” text template

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  • Raja B.
    8th February 2010 at 14:35

    Hi Albert,
    i read ur blog and use coding examples from it.
    i have a problem i need to create folder that have subfolders and files inside. Can you put example for it… thanks!

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