Service Functions – Dictionary (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 09, 2009 | Categories: Associative ArrayFunction librarySource code

In the code examples I present I often refer to routine functions. In my framework I have specialized libraries to call from. 

In my blog I maintain the similar structure. 

Basic Operations

AssociateParameters (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

ParametersToStr (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

Clone/Copy/Release Dictionary Parameters (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

Advanced Structures

AssociateRecords (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

Mapping Excel col names (QTP, VBScript)

Related Functions

N-N Comparison: isRecordEqual

XMLNode2Dictionary (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

XMLNodeSet2Dictionary (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

Examples of usage

Taking snapshot of a folder structure

How to use Dictionary object for storing Excel data row (QTP, VBScript)

Processing files contained in a folder

Implementing optional and default parameters (QTP, VBScript)

Overload your VBScript functions (My article on QAGuild)

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