How to generate unique file name (QTP, VBScript)

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How to generate a unique file name
if the file name already exists in the given folder

(That often happens, if you need to create a series of files or duplicate an existing file)


sFileName – the “original” file name or file name template
sFolderName – parent folder (full path required)
objParameter – Dictionary object containing optional parameters.

  • Prefix. If you want the file name to be preceded with some text (e.g. copy_userdata.xls) define a prefix.
  • Index. If you want to define starting number in the series (e.g. userdata_100.xls) use index.

Note. The function does not generate a file. It generates a file name!

Example. Duplicate an existing file

Public Function UniqueFilename(ByVal sFileName, ByVal sFolderName, ByVal objParameter)

Dim FSO, boolRC, sTypeName
Dim index,prefix
Dim sNewName, BaseName, Extension

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'to check if the objParameter passed is a dictionary object
sTypeName = TypeName (objParameter)
If sTypeName <> "Dictionary" Then
Set objParameter = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
End If

'retrieving and defaulting the parameters from objParameter
prefix = objParameter.item("prefix")
If prefix <> "" Then prefix = prefix & "_"

index = objParameter.item("index")
If Not IsNumeric(index) Then index = 1

'Separate filename and extension
BaseName = FSO.GetBaseName(sFileName)
Extension = FSO.GetExtensionName(sFileName)

'Generate filename and verify it doesn't exist

sNewName = prefix & BaseName & "_" & Cstr(index) & "." & Extension
boolRC = FSO.FileExists(sFolderName & "\" & sNewName)
index = index+1
Loop Until boolRC = FALSE

Set FSO = Nothing
UniqueFilename = sNewName
End Function

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