AssociateParameters (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

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Converts a string of comma-separated pairs “a=1, b=2, c = 3” to a Dictionary object. Spaces will be trimmed. Special characters: “=”  “,” – can be escaped with backslash.

Replace special characters in the string  – associate pairs – replace characters back.


Public Function AssociateParameters(ByVal strParams)
	Dim objDictionary, Values, strPair, Pair
	Dim intCount, i

	strParams = Replace(strParams, "\,", Chr(176))
	strParams = Replace(strParams, "\=", Chr(187))

	Values  = Split(strParams, ",")
	intCount = UBound(Values)
	Set objDictionary = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

	For i=0 To intCount
		strPair = Trim(Values(i))
		Pair = Split(strPair, "=")
		If UBound(Pair) = 1 Then
			If Not objDictionary.Exists(Trim(Pair(0))) Then
				objDictionary.Add Trim(Pair(0)), Replace(Replace(Trim(Pair(1)), Chr(176), ","), Chr(187), "=")
				objDictionary.Item(Trim(Pair(0))) = Replace(Replace(Trim(Pair(1)), Chr(176), ","), Chr(187), "=")
			End If
		End If

	Set AssociateParameters = objDictionary
End Function

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