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Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 28, 2007 | Categories: Function libraryText Data

String / Text/ Date Functions

In the code examples I present I often refer to routine functions. In my framework I have specialized libraries to call from.

In my blog I maintain the similar structure.

String/Text functions (WinRunner, TSL)

Trim text line

Check format

String/Text functions 2 (WinRunner, TSL)

Replace characters in a string

Replace pattern (regular expression) in a string

String/Text functions 3 (WinRunner, TSL)

Remove extra space and tab characters within a string

Return position of a substring, looking from LEFT or RIGHT

Matching strings

String/Text functions 4 (WinRunner, TSL)

Find a substring defined by 2 tokens

Return substring by index

Split filepath – return folder path, file name and extension separately

String/Text functions 5 (WinRunner, TSL)

CheckBox status value conversion

Boolean value conversion

Execution Status value conversion

String-based Association to Dictionary conversion

String-based data Set to Array conversion

String/Date functions (WinRunner, TSL)

Month Name/Number conversion

Date format conversions

String/Date functions 2 (WinRunner, TSL)

Date to Dictionary

Date comparison

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