WinRunner to QTP migration notes (3)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 20, 2008 | Categories: NotesTools

Hardware Requirements

QTP is much more greedy on resources. Don’t plan to reuse your old WinRunner machines. You’ll have to retire them with WinRunner.

Give at least twice as more RAM than recommended by QTP specs, especially for debug and development machines.

Changing screen resolution might affect QTP’s GUI recognition.

Software Requirements

WinRunner had an annoying issue in XP SP3 with “Data Execution Prevention Mechanism”. Without special configuration performed by an administrator it couldn’t read screen text. QTP has no such issue.

Built-in Framework

QTP has something called “advanced keyword-driven” which is really advanced comparing to WinRunner that had nothing of this kind. Frankly, I’d call it “advanced record/playback framework”, and recommend to those testers only who have no idea in automation and programming but forced to do that.

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