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Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 25, 2007 | Categories: Function libraryMath

Math primitives

In the code examples I present I often refer to routine functions. In my framework I have specialized libraries to call from.

In my blog I maintain the similar structure. 

Math primitives 1 (WinRunner, TSL)

Absolute value (Modulus)

Check if a value has a multiple

Check if a value belongs to range

Check if floating point values are equal in delta-range

Math primitives 2 (WinRunner, TSL)

Check a value exists in array

Sort one-dimensional array

Convert array to simple set (enumeration)

Math primitives 3 (WinRunner, TSL)

Convert matrix to text table

Find a row in matrix by key value

Find a column in matrix by key value

Math primitives 4 (WinRunner, TSL)

Add new column to a matrix

Add new vector (column) to a matrix

Retrieve vector (row or column) from a matrix

Retrieve subrange (matrix) from a matrix

Math primitives 5 (WinRunner, TSL)

Find and retrieve subrange, defined by RegEx

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