WinRunner to QTP migration notes (2)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 15, 2008 | Categories: NotesTools


Support of XML, ADO, DotNET, and other services through COM is a greatest advantage of QTP.

In WinRunner, there was only an awkward workaround of placing external calls through “dos_system” function and exchanging data through files.

Data Model

In WinRunner, original data source was text file. Later Excel spreadsheets support was added through “ddt_” family of functions, and database access through “db_” family of functions.

Internally, data could be stored in variables and associative arrays.

In QTP we have a built-in support of spreadsheets (although only simple calculations are supported). We can easily import and export spreadsheets to Excel; or we can have full control through Excel.Application COM objects.

 We can access text files through FileSystemObject, and XML files through any registered parser, for example, MSXMLDOM.

Arrays in VBScript are simplistic. No support for associative programming – but you can use Scripting.Dictionary object, and objects from DotNetFactory as well.

String and Date Functions

VBScript itself and QTP provide a reach set of functions for parsing strings and processing dates. That will be a pleasant surprise for WinRunner developers who had to maintain custom libraries for those functionalities.

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