“Professional Growth Leads and Hacks”

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jul 31, 2015
“Professional Growth Leads and Hacks” is a lightning talk I gave at the Toronto Testing Meetup. These are not the only ideas, but these are what I tested myself and turned out to be rather great. Intended audience: testers. Beginner testers and “wanna-be” testers for sure, and everyone one else willing further advance on the […] ...

Re: Toronto Testing Meetup, July Workshop

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jul 11, 2015
Seems like it’s been just a few days, but it’s been a month – time for another workshop in our testing meetup! This time we had even bigger attendance. Below I share my experience report. Participants Albert Gareev (organizer, facilitator), Kraig Lenehan (event host, presenter) Niketa Patel, Rachael, Sumant Pujari, Nick Norbeck, Raman Khanna, Vitor Fragoso, […] ...

Review: Driving While Driven: The Way of the Skilled ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 24, 2015
I attended a webinar provided by Association for Software Testing. I took notes and organized my review in a structured form: Purpose – Attendance – Content – Experience – Cost – Organization – Location – Time. Or PACE COLT, if you like mnemonics (as I do). Purpose The headline of the webinar was “Driving While Driven: The […] ...

Re: Toronto Testing Meetup, June Workshop

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 19, 2015
An Opening Comment Since beginning of this year, I’ve been running Toronto chapter of Weekend Testing Americas, mixing online and live events. As we’re expanding, I was presented an opportunity (i.e. a venue) to run workshops. In June we had an opening session, dedicated to discussion of our work experiences and gathering of feedback from […] ...

WTT-02 – Mind Maps in Testing

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 17, 2015
(Picture credit: “Mind Map Laws” – 7 Steps to Making a Mind Map by Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping) There is a strange confusion about electronic artifacts: they’re seen as a deliverable on and by itself. Process model document is confused with the working process. Intention documents (especially test plans) are given much more […] ...

WTT-01 – Trello-boration

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 02, 2015
And so we did. In January we held live networking event followed by the first Weekend Testing Toronto session online. Continuing ideas from my previous posts, I set up Trello board and created mission statement. Purpose The purpose of the session is practical assessment of Trello tool as a long-term medium (whereas Skype is short-term medium) […] ...

Getting more with Weekend Testing (part 2)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 16, 2015
Disclaimer: my views, expressed in these series, not necessarily reflect views of all Weekend Testing facilitators and instructors. Yesterday, I wrote about all the positive outcomes from Weekend Testing. Today’s post is about some issues and challenges we’ve been facing. Actually, when I checked, I wrote about some of them, too – quite a few […] ...

Getting more with Weekend Testing (part 1)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 15, 2015
Disclaimer: my views, expressed in these series, not necessarily reflect views of all Weekend Testing facilitators and instructors. Foreword And again I open series of posts on Weekend Testing in my blog. Part of it is to organize my thoughts and reflections on the experiences of the past seasons. Part of it is to announce new […] ...

WTA54: An Intro To Accessibility Testing

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 16, 2014
After somewhat a pause, I’m stepping back in as a facilitator in Weekend Testing Americas chapter. The good occasion was recent session on Web Accessibility, initiated by Michael Larsen. This is the area I’m actively learning, professionally working in, and the idea I’ve grown to support. So I prepared a few exercises, and walked through them […] ...

Exploratory Security Testing Tool – GroundSpeed

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 07, 2011
Modern applications have a few layers of ‘defense’ that are supposed to protect against unauthorized access. The very first layer is at the front-end, merged with the UI. The UI part, client-side part, is at user’s computer and therefore users have the most capacities to manipulate it. Penetration testing is a purely exploratory testing activity. […] ...

Mark! Draw! Fire!

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 01, 2011
Archery is a craft, practice, and skill. I dedicated a fair amount of time in my youth when I practiced sports archery, and I still like Medieval age novels. Needless to say, now I dedicate a lot of my time to the craft of testing – but there are analogies to archery that we can […] ...

WTA20: Flying Solo No Big Deal

Posted by Albert Gareev on Oct 24, 2011
Being a facilitator at Weekend Testing Americas I often invite people to participate in our sessions. I get all kinds of responses but one is particularly interesting: “I would participate in a session if you give me test cases to execute”. I answer differently to this one. I may suggest to try designing and executing […] ...

Weekend Testing: Mindmapping

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 20, 2011
In this post I’m sharing our up to date experience mindmapping team-based exploratory testing as well as stating some expectations that a mindmapping product should meet to fulfill our needs. Structure As you can see, GUI part of the structure is the most developed here. Mapping is pretty obvious. However, we’ve identified the following problems. […] ...

Weekend Testing: Modeling and Practicing

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 19, 2011
In this post I share experience on how we’re building and using the process model; it’s an expansion of ideas from the previous post. The picture above is based on the sketching we made with Michael Larsen while conferring on Skype. However, the elements and solutions used in there are rooted in Rapid Testing and BBST […] ...

Weekend Testing: Focusing

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 18, 2011
Here I’m looking at the challenges logged in the previous post. I wasn’t the first one saying that it might be good to have certain expansions of Weekend Testing format. What if we have longer sessions? What if we do follow-up sessions? I think these expansions help addressing challenges like “complexity of a mission” on […] ...

Weekend Testing: Defocusing

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 17, 2011
Note. Don’t expect a complete and consistent blog post. Below are my notes put down while exploring the subject. I have been participating in the Weekend Testing movement for almost a year, since Michael Larsen opened the Americas chapter. I enjoyed both tester-on-a-mission and facilitator roles. As a co-facilitator I planned and prepared a few […] ...

WTA09: What Is Testing?

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 13, 2011
The job of software testing, we know, is to provide information about the quality of a product. Many people, however, believe that the only way to get such information is to execute the software on computers, or at least review code. But such a belief is extremely limiting. Gerald Weinberg, Testing Without Testing We got […] ...

WTA08: Messing With The Smart Guys

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 16, 2011
The Mission Weekend Testing Americas session N8 was initially planned as a mini-project: explore and map the product, deliver a test plan and test results. That’s ambitious already for 90 minutes of work! However, we took that over the edge – and succeeded. Today’s session is dedicated to session-based exploratory test management. The product we […] ...

WTA07: Questioning the Mission

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 22, 2011
The very format of Weekend Testing sessions assumes “quick in / quick out” engagements, and, therefore, extremely simplified missions. However, facilitators face big and complex challenges trying to cover yet another facet of testing craft. As a staging facilitator, I had a debriefing with Michael Larsen recently, and raised questions about one of the problems […] ...

WTA05: Test the Envisioned

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 27, 2011
This is my second post on the testing challenge. When I was thinking of the main idea of the challenge, I thought of it as “testing the envisioned product”. Yet, while preparing for today’s post, I wanted to reference one of Michael Bolton‘s articles, about testing in retrospective, and the idea of name “testing in […] ...

WTA05: A Programmer’s Hat

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 25, 2011
I continue with the first part of a mission from Weekend Testing Americas session #5. This was an educational exercise. What we had?   A simplistic environment It’s a square. It has finite size. Objects, contained in it, are static – they never change their behavior. 5 commands to use 5 simple, non-abstract commands. Go […] ...

WTA05: Two-fold Mission + Bonus

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jan 18, 2011
Last Saturday I joined Weekend Testing Americas session #5 as a “special guest” tester, introducing testing challenge I prepared under Michael Larsen‘s revision to fit WT environment and conditions. For those, who have not heard of Weekend Testing: it’s an online event, where testers gather up and practice their craft in collaboration. As it’s time […] ...

WTA03: Mission Impossible?

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 15, 2010
“Explore the context of the test project, your givens, and your mission” Context-Free Questions for Testing, Michael Bolton, DevelopSense Weekend Testing Americas (WTA) session #3 was planned and facilitated by Michael Larsen. This time we got something special. The objective Produce either a list or a mind map of the features of Rapid Reporter with […] ...

WTA01: Testing is Learning

Posted by Albert Gareev on Nov 16, 2010
“Testing is a process of exploration, discovery, investigation, learning, and analysis with the goal of gathering information about risks, vulnerabilities, and threats to the value of the product.”  Michael Bolton, DevelopSense What this is about? Read about Weekend Testing November, 2010: Weekend Testing is coming to the Western Hemisphere November, 13, 2010: Let’s Dance!   […] ...
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