WTT-01 – Trello-boration

Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 02, 2015 | Categories: WTToronto

And so we did.

In January we held live networking event followed by the first Weekend Testing Toronto session online. Continuing ideas from my previous posts, I set up Trello board and created mission statement.


The purpose of the session is practical assessment of Trello tool as a long-term medium (whereas Skype is short-term medium) for collaboration sessions and projects performed in the context of Weekend Testing.

Value Propositions

  • Greater online visibility
    • Boards and cards indexed by search engines
    • Quick and easy to refer in Social Media
  • Enabled transparency
    • Participants
    • Engagement and contribution
    • Session structure
    • Results
    • Showcasing
  • Flexible options for structuring of the sessions
    • Session planning and preparation can start in advance
    • Decks and cards allow clear definition of key elements
  • Enabled scalability
    • Team: easier to organize in testing pairs and workgroups
    • Time: boards as a medium help to retain progress for multiple sessions
    • Breadth and depth: boards as a medium help to connect multiple sessions tackling different aspects of the product
  • Enabled continuity
    • Scalability options allow for session-based projects
    • well as for distributed sessions working with the same board
    • well as mix of online and offline sessions
  • Increased learning and training value
    • Well-structured and transparent boards/cards are a long-standing example
    • The boards might be copied to reuse existing structure and build upon it
  • Reducing administration overhead
    • Reusable structure elements allow WT facilitators to spend mode time actually designing the sessions
    • Participants have an opportunity to post their contributions directly

Those statements were targeted as claims, and attendance allowed to make 2 testing groups.

Discussions were captured both through Skype chat and comments on Trello cards – the latter also allowed testing of concurrent and simultaneous aspects.

Reports are available online: Workgroup 1, Workgroup 2. And so is the overall feedback gathered via Skype chat: Session Feedback.

Overall, I can say that for the first session it went better than I expected but with less than I wanted.

I definitely will keep using Trello boards for Weekend Testing sessions. But I was surprised by the lack of interest from session participants – this opportunity to add to one’s professional online identify didn’t seem to be appealing. Or maybe it’ll just take some time to pick up.

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