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Close, minimize, maximize, move, resize browser window


A WebForm (Page, Frame, table, etc.) can not be operated same way as window. The first thing function does is iterating upwards the hierarchy to access Process object, which is used to retrieve browser window reference.

In the example presented, IEFrame property of the Process object is used which corresponds to Internet Explorer page. Use UIPage property to access Firefox page.


Public Const syncTimeShort = 5
Public Function wbSetBrowser(ByRef objWebParent, ByVal objParameter)
 Dim boolRC
 Dim sTypeName
 Dim sWinState, sURL, intX, intY
  Dim objGUIParent, objBrowserWindow
  'Go backwards to Process level parent
  Set objGUIParent = objWebParent
  Do While True
    If objGUIParent.Parent is Nothing Then
      Exit Function
    End If
    If InStr(LCase(objGUIParent.Name),"process") > 0 Then
      Exit Do
    End If
    Set objGUIParent = objGUIParent.Parent
  'Get Window reference
  ''Note. IEFrame (MSIE) or UIPage (Firefox)
  Set objBrowserWindow = objGUIParent.IEFRame(0)
 'Verify parameters
 sTypeName = TypeName (objParameter)
 If sTypeName <>  "Dictionary" Then
  Set objParameter = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
 End If

 'Retrieve arguments
 sWinState = UCase(objParameter.Item("state"))

 If sWinState = "" Then
  sWinState = "FOCUS"
 End If

 Select Case sWinState
  Case "CLOSE"
   On Error Resume Next
   On Error GoTo 0
  Case "FOCUS"
   On Error Resume Next
   Call objBrowserWindow.Activate()
   On Error GoTo 0
  Case "MIN"
   On Error Resume Next
   On Error GoTo 0
  Case "MAX"
   On Error Resume Next
   On Error GoTo 0
  Case "RESTORE"
   On Error Resume Next
   On Error GoTo 0
  Case "RESIZE"
   On Error Resume Next
   intX = IntVal(objParameter.Item("p.width"))
   intY = IntVal(objParameter.Item("p.height"))
      Call objBrowserWindow.Position(objBrowserWindow.Left, objBrowserWindow.Top, intX, intY)
   On Error GoTo 0
  Case "MOVE"
   On Error Resume Next
   intX = IntVal(objParameter.Item("p.x"))
   intY = IntVal(objParameter.Item("p.y"))
      Call objBrowserWindow.Position(intX, intY, objBrowserWindow.Width, objBrowserWindow.Height)
   On Error GoTo 0
   sURL = objParameter.Item("url")
   On Error Resume Next
    Call objBrowserWindow.Parent.ToURL(sURL)
    On Error GoTo 0
  Case Else
   On Error Resume Next
   On Error GoTo 0
 End Select
End Function 

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