TestComplete – Handling Web Browser (2)

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Close all browser windows


In the example presented, Internet Explorer browser program (executable name) is hard-coded (as “iexplore”).
Closing begins from first instance number (i.e. a sequential number of the process in memory, if a few were loaded).
In first attempt, .Close method is used, which allows an application to finalize.
Second attempt uses .Terminate method. Any unsaved data will be lost.


Public Const syncTimeShort = 5
Public Function wbCloseAll()
  Dim IEProcess
  Dim PropNames, PropValues
  While True
    PropNames = Array("processname", "index")
    PropValues = Array("iexplore", 1)

    Set IEProcess = Sys.FindChild(PropNames, PropValues, 1, True)

    If Not IEProcess.Exists then
      Exit Function
    End if 

    If IEProcess.Exists then
    End if 

End Function

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