Built-in verification in Testing Tools – too ...

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 22, 2007
What is built-in verification mechanism Enterprise level automation tools are claimed to be suitable for a wide range of users, including non-technical, not programming, like some testers and business analysts. To support such types of users, tools offer a variety of pre-defined, built-in components. The component, implementing verification mechanism, is usually called “checkpoint”. With the help […] ...

Data Models in Test Automation

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 15, 2007
What’s it about? Automated tests represent a certain test logic as a sequence of steps, manipulating data and interacting with a GUI. Test data, as in manual testing, could be data we feed into application-under-test (input data), retrieve from application-under-test (actual data, or actual result), and compare with (expected result). These data have to be […] ...

Link-a-log: QTP resources

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 10, 2007
AdvancedQTP – resource hub by Meir Bar-Tal and Dani Vainstein LearnQTP – professional blog by Ankur Jain “Easy way to automate testing” – video tutorials and examples by Dmitry Motevich ...
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