NeoLoad Containers: Taking Group Measurements

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 22, 2012 | Categories: How toLoad/PerformanceNeoLoad

Parent page: Load/Performance Testing with NeoLoad

I keep reviewing NeoLoad Containers, this reusable units, serving the same way as functions in a function library.

The main outcome we want to get from load session is measurements – response time, errors, throughput, etc. All tools allow obtaining measurements from individual requests posted and some tools allow obtaining aggregate measurements, i.e. group measurements.
With NeoLoad, we take group measurements at page level, and we can put pages in container to create higher level group.

In the example below, I recorded sample script hitting tutorial page.
After recording, all requests were brought under 2 pages, grouping them under advertising module and the actual content of the page.
You can see that I placed the same pages in container as well.

Then I ran a simple “Ramp-Up” load.

And let’s see what results I got.

  • Bold blue line is an average load time graph for the whole page, contents + ads
  • Thin yellow-ish lines display average load time graphs for the page contents and ad block separately
  • We can see that loading time for the adblock is about 30% of total page time

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