On Your Knees! (Congratulations, You’ve Been Certified)

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 08, 2011 | Categories: Notes

A couple of things I have to say about this poster – a failure delivering the message and a fallacy of the concept.

Delivering a message

Pictures talk louder than words. Despite of an effort to show people jumping high in excitement we can actually see people brought down on their knees, surrendering some papers. Is that what is CMMI is about? Probably, not by intent, but, alas, too often by fact.
Suddenly, the failure becomes a revelation.

What is the achievement?

CMMI level 4, by definition, is a “Quantitatively Managed Process”, or, if you look at the diagram via the link provided, this is a “process that is measured and controlled.” – which is achieved by the vast number of restrictions, regulations, and characterized by an obsessive planning and documentation. Unfortunately, following those prescriptions does not guarantee a success, documenting risks is not prevention until you act upon, and planning doesn’t help when we face the unknown. Is maturity of a process really defined by a maturity of the project team? Then maybe this is where the effort should be focused on – letting them to grow up, not bringing them down.

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