When Duplication Is Good

Posted by Albert Gareev on Mar 21, 2011 | Categories: MessagesMy blog

WordPress blogging engine has “Stats” plugin. Very useful, helps gathering a lot of feedback. There are also many other plugins, relying on the data gathered by WordPress Stats. Amongst them I use “Popular Posts”.

As many of bloggers noticed last week, there was an outage of WordPress Stats server. This impacted not only site stats displayed to blog owners, but also visible content. For example, in my blog “Past Day Top” and “Past Month Top” widgets couldn’t display any information.

The fix was applied. Site Stats went back to normal. Yet related plugins haven’t. That’s another reminder, by the way, that independently working components do not necessary integrate into a working application.

I disabled “Popular Posts” widgets for now.

The good thing is that Google Analytics script keeps working, and the Flag Counter plugin keeps ticking.

04/04/2011 Update.

The problem at WordPress Stats has been fixed and Popular Posts Widgets are back.

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