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Posted by Albert Gareev on Feb 07, 2011 | Categories: MessagesMy blog

Some details are as following…

WordPress Plugins

Topsy Retweet Button

Provides a Twitter retweet button powered by Topsy. Can also provide automatic trackback comments when someone tweets about your posts.

I see results already. Satisfied.

Widgets Reloaded

 Widgets come with highly-customizable control panels. Each widget can also be used any number of times.

Widgets I use are “Blog Search”, “Calendar”, and “Archives”

Flag Counter

This plugin uses Google Analytics API to fetch data from your analytics account and displays user visits from each country in the widget.


  • If you already had Google account, associtated with your GMail, using this one for your Google Analytics is, probably, not the best idea, as you will have to provide it within the plugin.
  • Nothing is bug free in this world. Visitors, whose IPs were not identified, are still reported, but have no flag or country name.
  • If you want to display country name, be aware that some long names do not fit allocated space, overlapping with stats data.
  • The plugin slightly affects performance but not that much as Google Ads, for example



Display your archives with year/month list

I believe, it adds value for the blog. Actually, I found Blog Archives page useful even for myself.

WP Creative Commons License

Allows selection of a Creative Commons license for blog content.

PHP Code Changes

  • Not disclosing for security reasons :)


Content Update

Blog Archives Page

As mentioned above.

Resources Root Page

As the page is still in “under construction” status, the content underneath has come. Check out Testing Challenges page!

..more updates to come.

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