7+1 reasons why I use XMind as a Mind-mapping tool

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 29, 2010 | Categories: Mind MapsTools

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  • Michael Alexander
    29th June 2010 at 12:52

    I haven’t used XMind before but it looks nice, and you have me interested in checking it out some more. I have found the free version of MindMeister works well for me most of the time. It appears the biggest advantage it has over XMind is it allows multiple people to collaborate over the web and edit the map simultaneously, but the free version also only allows you to have up to three maps at once.


    [Albert’s reply.
    Hi, Michael. Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes, MindMeister is pretty cool, and I was considering it too. But concurrent access wasn’t a need for me at all, while some IE issues with MM impacted its usability for me. By the way, XMind Pro also has a simultaneous access mode (called “Brainstorming”)
    Can you share your collaboration experience with MM (maybe as a post in your blog)? I’m really interested to know how does it work out in a team.
    Thanks! ]

  • Nina
    1st July 2010 at 2:54

    I use Seavus DropMind.

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