Service Functions – XML (QTP, VBScript)

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In the code examples I present I often refer to routine functions. In my framework I have specialized libraries to call from. 

In my blog I maintain the similar structure. 

Using built-in QTP-XML Objects and Functions 

Returns reference of XML Element

Returns text value of XML Element

Returns reference of XML Attribute

Returns text value of XML Attribute

Returns text value of a comment in XML Element

Create a child element and return its reference 

WinRunner Text-to-XML Function Library

Service Functions – XML (WinRunner, TSL)

Questions / Answers

How to count XML nodes (QTP, VBScript)

How to update value in XML file (QTP, VBScript) 

Using Microsoft.XMLDOM Objects

Service Functions – MSXMLDOM (QTP, TestComplete, VBScript)

Add processing instruction


XML queries: XPath

XPath introduction and references


XML transformation: XSL

XSL introduction and references

XML verification example (XSL, HTML)

Text File Compare Report example (XML, XSL, HTML)

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