QTP-XML service functions (2) – ChildElementValueByName

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jul 15, 2009 | Categories: Source codeXML Data

Parent page:  Service Functions – XML (QTP, VBScript) 


Returns scalar value of the XML child node specified by an xml tag name. If there are multiple objects with the same tag, returns value of the first reference. If there are no objects with the tag specified returns “” (empty string).

Public Function ChildElementValueByName(ByRef objXMLParent, ByVal sTagName)
	Dim objColl

	If objXMLParent is Nothing Then
		ChildElementValueByName = ""
		Exit Function
	End If

	Set objColl = objXMLParent.ChildElementsByPath("./"&sTagName)
	If objColl.Count > 0 Then
		ChildElementValueByName = objColl.Item(1).Value()
		ChildElementValueByName = ""
		Exit Function
	End If

End Function

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