Test Automation Problems (4) – Implementation Approach – Framework

Posted by Albert Gareev on Aug 10, 2009 | Categories: Problems

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 There are 3 most popular approaches in implementation of Test Automation, and none of them isn’t ideally suitable for any environment.

Approach and problems

 1)     Linear scripts 

  • A  single test case could be automated fairly quickly (especially using recording) but robustness without error-handling is very questionable 
  • GUI mapping is automatically performed by a Tool on the fly but duplication is very high, reusability not possible, and maintenance is expensive 
  • Due to a lack of structure at the Test Suite level there is a high duplication rate of the code and minimal reusability is possible (except of copy/paste but this is even worse) – so the maintenance cost is very high and there is a high chance that Test Suite won’t be functioning on time after the application is  updated 
  • Built-in reporting isn’t friendly enough to use it as transferable Test Results 
  • Essentially the script is data-entry and comparison only, so validation has to be done manually – by going through all the test results 
  • Test scripts preparation, (update and debugging before) execution, and validation may take more time then just manual execution of the same test cases 

2)     Data-Driven Framework 

  • Library-based structure provides good usability and reusability but quality of the test scripts strongly depends on the programming skills and experience of implementing person 
  • Verification can be quickly implemented with checkpoints but checkpoint data maintenance is very time consuming 
  • The test logic is coded with the programming language so the more test scripts is created the higher is maintenance cost 


3)     Keyword-Driven Framework 

  • Requires initial investment for design and implementation of the Framework as well as requires a seasoned automation professional to implement it
  • Implementation approach may still vary. There are successful and unsuccessful concepts of keyword-driven automation. A special attention should be paid on the meta-language usability for non-programming users

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