Basic Test Flow: Back-End Verification

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Back-End Verification Test Flow


Data File


Entry/Exit Points

Entry Point. Single.

Exit Point. Single. Same as Entry.


GUI interaction – None

GUI observation – None 

Evaluation – assessment of Pass/Fail criteria for comparison.

Pass/Fail Criteria

Fail Criteria

  • Failed to find data record
  • Assessment criteria failure


Stop Criteria

  • DB connection failure
  • File I/O failure
  • Service call failure


Pass Criteria

  • No failures
  • End of steps reached


Test Data

Input Data. None.

Query Data. Hard-coded or parameterized query.

Verification Data. The Test Flow uses verification data to compare against actual data. Verification Data could be hard-coded or combination of hard-coded and parameterized data.


(See pictures on top)


Back-end Verification is a special kind of Test Flow. There are no GUI interactions or observations. Because of that it’s fully static, and can be invoked at any point required from another Test Flow, or even executed in parallel.


Since it’s a non-GUI Test Flow, it should be implemented as a fully isolated function which has common access to Data Model and Reporting Service Functionalities.


The Coverage is in direct dependency on the number of data fields verified.

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