Breakdown (decomposition) approach

Posted by Albert Gareev on Dec 15, 2007 | Categories: HeuristicsNotes

A challenge

Requirements are never complete or detailed enough… It might be a risk we have to consider or a challenge we need to take. This applies to anything in our job: from testing to development tasks.

How do I handle this?

An approach

The approach I use I usually call a breakdown or decomposition. One might call it a testing heuristic, but I would refer to it as a thinking style I gained after learning and practicing systems approach.

  • Think of any entity as a component of a system (or multiple systems). Think of qualities that the enitity adds to the systems. Think of types of bonds that connect the enitity with other elements of the systems.
  • Look inside the entity and learn about elements and bonds that form it. Learn what qualities have those elements, and what new qualities they create being formed into an entity.
  • Look inside the elements that form the entity, and look upside the system(s) which part the entity is.


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