The checkmarks are not what we should be looking for

Posted by Albert Gareev on Jun 02, 2016 | Categories: Notes

OK, this is a quick gripe.

Know the quote?
Of course, the troopers were fooled by the skilled Jedi knight. They were clones, after all; likely, trained to follow direct orders and NOT trained to use critical thinking.


For a second, I felt like Obi-Wan, hearing from my team that they’re happy with the all test cases passed.


I mean, someone may just point that the automation tool could have had better designed reports. That “failed test case count” should have a red “X” mark instead.


But still.

What was inside those “testing cases”? What these numbers mean? What “passes” mean? What “fails” mean?
How that maps to the functionalities of the product?

I guess, that’s a matter of training. I guess, as testers, we could and should give better answers; tell the testing stories instead of throwing test cases counts.
Teaching to ask such questions should also be a part of any programming “boot camp”.
Coding dojos are great.
Now let’s also have thinking dojos – I’d argue they’re equally important.

After all, you can’t google all the answers if you don’t know the questions…


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