Accessibility Testing Requirements – Review

Posted by Albert Gareev on Sep 23, 2014 | Categories: AccessibilityReviews

In the series of reviews I’m looking at WCAG level A / AA (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) requirements from testing perspective.


(The following table of contents is taken from WCAG site and redirects to its contents)


  • Review testability of the requirements
  • Review applicability of checking tools
  • Assess tool / skill balance
  • Define special testing knowledge or skill requirements
  • Review some of tools per class
  • Develop testing heuristics
  • Mindmap the knowledge

Common Definitions

Human Testing

  • Brief – “You know as you see it” – quick scanning is sufficient to check and make a judgment. This does not include effort of logging defects.
  • Detailed – Either interaction (execution of tests) with the functionality is necessary or detailed review/analysis must be done in order to verify a requirement.

Tool-Assisted Checking

  • Not Available – Tools cannot help in checking for the specified requirement or they help very insignificantly.
  • Partial – Tools provide significant help in checking for the specified requirement, either by saving time in parsing content source or through visualization. Human does the verification and judgment.
  • Full – Tools capable of locating and verifying the specified requirement. Brief review of checking results is sufficient to make a judgment.

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