A Log Of A Back-Log

Posted by Albert Gareev on May 04, 2011 | Categories: MessagesMy blog

It’s getting hard to keep up!

I like to write about what I’m learning. It’s not only sharing – I do it for selfish reasons too: thinking of / writing of what I’ve learnt helps in acquiring (making it a part of self) and sharpening (learning broader and wider) the knowledge. I also like to write about what I’m doing, with a relevance to testing and automation.

So the issue is, lately I’ve been learning a lot, practicing a lot, and engaged in quite many things. (And, oh, by the way, also I’ve quite recently became a father for the second time!). My backlog of things I want to write about, or to learn and write about, or to do and write about has grown big enough for me to realize – I’ll have to drop something. With this quick post I want to ‘freeze’ some of them, which I consider most important at this point of time. Here’s my “want to do” list.

1. The course of Rapid Software Testing and conversations with Michael Bolton

  • I’ve acquired quite a few things from the workshop, but not as much as I’d want to. As I further practice the techniques I’d like to post a hands-on examples about them in my blog (or on QuickTestingTips, for that matter)
  • I interviewed Michael Bolton! Stay tuned for the publications on Community Blog at Software Testing Club
  • Michael also encouraged me to write about a few things we discussed, and I got inspired to write about a few more


2. Hands-on examples and tutorials in my blog

  • Generating Test Reports tutorial is in progress. Not sure when I post everything what I’ve thought of, but at least one article in this month will be on the topic..
  • ..And that will be an example of custom stylesheets


3. Weekend Testing, Americas Chapter

  • Both Michael Larsen and I got quite a load since beginning of the year, but WTA sessions kept coming out on a regular schedule. Though we’ve got more missions and ideas than we can pipe out at the moment :)
  • We’ve had quite a remarkable WTA #10 session last time, and since then I, unfortunately, could find the time to blog about it. Do read Michael’s experience report
  • Evolutionary, at WTAmericas, we’ve came up with a few useful tricks and techniques I’d like to write about. Plus, with that many sessions we collected a lot of material for a follow-up writing. We’ve even got our own folklore which is definitely worth publishing!


4. Mind Maps

  • I’ve got quite many of them to share as downloadable resources
  • ..and I have an idea of another mini-project and a hands-on tutorial dedicated to testing with mind maps


5. “Hiring Testers” series at Software Testing Club

  • Although, it’s on a ‘pause’ for me currently, I’ve got more to write about…
  • ..Including an article with a heuristic and mnemonic on hiring


…And let’s stop here, for now :)

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