Claims Testing – Mindmap

Posted by Albert Gareev on Apr 18, 2011 | Categories: HeuristicsMind Maps

While getting ready for the Rapid Software Testing course I dedicated some time for the “homework” – studying of publicly available exploratory testing documents. And here’s my ideas on Claims Testing.


Heuristic Test Strategy Model – Satisfice, Inc. – Designed by James Bach

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense: Testers Know That Things Can Be Different

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  • Simon Morley
    18th April 2011 at 5:52

    Good map – good for exploring and testing if anything is missing…

    [ Albert’s reply. Thank you, Simon. This mindmap, as it’s sister map, is originated from the Rapid Software Testing heuristics. I “applied” context-revealing questions on it and mindmapped the result. ]

    Some standards fall under “Laws and Regulations” or “Service Agreements” – e.g. EMC directives. But what about services and products that haven’t been standardised yet, eg various IETF RFC’s – these might come under “documentation claims” but could be very important – and not a “low threat”.

    [ Albert’s reply. As “De Facto Claims – UI Standards” I meant things like expecting a control looking like a button functioning like a button. As for the standards you mention, “EMC directives”/”RFCs” – they definitely should go under “Legal Claims” or “Published Claims”.
    Overall, it’s a heuristic, it’s fallible! There are exceptions, and it requires skills and experience to apply. ]

    Could be a future WT topic to test “claims testing”?

    [ Albert’s reply. Darren McMillan held one. We may get to it at WTAmericas as well. ]

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