Active Directory Scripting – retrieve User Account

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Reference page: Active Directory – Sample Scripts (Excel/VBA)

How to retrieve User Account


Build LDAP Query – Execute Query – Catch Errors

Note. You need to login as an authorized person to successfully execute the script. 

Common definitions

' Domain: DEV.ENV.COM
Dim sDomain, dvDC
sDomain = "DEV.ENV.COM"
dvDC = Split(sDomain, ".")

' Organizational Units
'  Company01 - Active Directory Path: ""
' User Accounts
'  User01 - belongs to Company01

How to retrieve Active Directory User Account (Excel/VBA source code)

Note that we enlist directory tree nodes backwars when building LDAP Path, and specify an exact path to the User Account.

'Build LDAP query to get an object
sQuery = "LDAP:// cn=User01, ou=Company01, ou=Client, ou=Main"
sQuery = sQuery & ",dc=" & dvDC(0) & ",dc=" & dvDC(1) & ", dc=" & dvDC(2)
'Execute query
On Error Resume Next
Set objUserAccount = GetObject(sQuery)
boolRC = (Err.Number <> 0)
On Error GoTo 0
If boolRC Then
    sReturnMessage = "Failed to retrieve User Account  | Query = " & sQuery
End If


Active Directory Schema Terminology

User Class

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